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"How to make- i am Nippon blouse"

These are photos of "How to make- i am Nippon blouse"

1.-2. At Sunday market where I buy the main fabric; the embroidery piece and hemp.

3.-4. Prepare the fabric and pattern.

5.-7. Put the paper pattern on the fabric and cut around.

8. Patch all parts together.

9. Sewing the buttons by hand.

10. Finished "I am Nippon" blouse.
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All I made..... ,Apple

All my products made at a little home office, it's just a little room beside my house.

I am the designer, and the best tailor is my mom. Sometime the orders are too many, I hire the part-time student to help my mom. The room that become to the home office used to enough for bulk of fabrics. But now I don't think so!!

Finished products had packed and sent at the post office by me. The shipping time is about 7-14 days.

That's all I made.....

Behind the scene... That's funny :)

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